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GoldShield - Deep Cleaning Equipment - Residential Grade

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GoldShield residential "High-Heat Vapor Machine" has been built to serve the homeowner. This is not a vacuum cleaner.

The GoldShield High-heat vapor treatment is ideal where standard institutional housekeeping does not do an adequate job around hard to get at places such as under beds, along sink faucet surrounds, bed rails, mattresses/covers/seams/pads and other areas where standard surface cleaning is clearly insufficient. Rids carpets of dirt and odor, clean walls, drapes, even furniture and light fixtures.

This machine is ideal for those hard to reach areas where customary housekeeping does not do an adequate job and for areas rarely touched like walls, drapes, chair cushions, etc. all of which harbor bacteria. It does what customary housekeeping does not do. Superb for neutralizing pet spoils and ridding persistent odor. 

An application of GoldShield 75 after such deep cleaning is a protective measure treatment like none other.

This residential high heat vapor machine dispenses high heat steam that kills bed bugs, bacteria, mold and mildew on contact. Dispenses dry steam up to 212*F; powered by a strong 1500 Watt engine; measures 18" x 12" x 13". Comes with warranty and accessories.

Accessories include a large brush, triangular brush, 120º nozzle, extension tubes and funnel.