PR0C0G - Proactive Cognizance Analytic Tool

Powerful Intelligence Analytics

Research tasks that would normally take several analysts several hours can now be completed in minutes and with greater precision. PR0C0G navigates your data sources in near realtime through a variety of tools and dashboards.

PR0C0G empowers natural human curiosity and truly creative thinking with exponentially powerful advanced computational analytics. PR0C0G systems are delivered in days, ready-to-use, and create insight for both analysts and decision makers in a streamlined process.

Powerful Intelligence Analytics means-

Understand - Analyze and interpret all of your data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video

Learn - Utilize machine cognition to grow subject matter expertise in your data and learn from it

Reason - System provides personal recommendations and insights by finding non-obvious correlations to undiscovered data about your subject.

Discovery - Extract value from unstructured data by converting, normalizing and enriching it.

When You Really Need-to-Know

Dynamic multi-dimensional analysis uncovers hidden connections and trends with geospatial, temporal and relationship analytics. PR0C0G gives you more than the sum of your data; it turns disparate facts into true intelligence. Advanced analytics perform at critical speeds to manage, integrate and analyze multi-source data and get results in near real-time.

The PR0C0G smart analytics powers easy-to-use interfaces accessible across your organization, to deliver deep awareness directly to those that need it.

PR0C0G is delivered in a 5, 10, 25, or 100 user system with an extensible design that easily scales to hundreds of users.

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