About us

Who we are: 

Asymmetric Research Group (ARG3X);is a Veteran owned private research group.  We offer product to support the Military, Intelligence Community, First responders and public safety initiatives. 

Our Team:

The ARG3X review team is a collective of seasoned field operatives; First Responders and Law Enforcement and Military professionals.  Ideally suited to speak to any questions regarding public risk posture, risk assessments, crisis information flow management ect.  We feel strongly about improving our knowledge base to better support on going programs and initiatives. 


Our research philosophy is based on simple truth; we create the environment we live and operate in. 


Finding more unknown, unknowns is a process of leveraging knowledge base to known unknowns so that they become more manageable. This model is designed to help decision makers identify hidden risks, but it is customizable to serve anyone who copes with or manages risk.

Asymmetric Research Group (ARG) our team uses applies knowns (knowledge) and rigorous scholarly research to identify (3X) = ARG3X; 
  1.  Unknown–knowns (impact is unknown but existence is known, i.e., untapped knowledge),
  2. Known–unknowns (risks), and
  3. Unknown–unknowns (unfathomable uncertainty). 

ARG3X - Studies & Observations Group:

Vertical Lines of Study / Horizontal  efforts.

  • Aerospace & Defense / Close Combat Lethality Initiative. 
  • Space / Coatings and Shieldings.
  • Maritime / Security.
  • Medical / TC3 (Tactical Trauma Management).
  • Less Lethal / Risk reduction models and escalation of force
  • Stability Operations / Illicit trade reduction, crime prevention; supporting human rights initiatives.
  • Humanitarian / Relief support, food, shelter, security.

 Product Development::

MOUT facilities and range enhancement 

Training management tools and apps

Kinetic Training Products & Solutions

TC3 Medical Training Products


RF/EMP coatings & sheildings 

SmartPhone Privacy Cases

Less Lethal PepperBall Launcher Products and Accessories 


Red Team training management with Information data feeds to replicate / shape operating environments

IT compliance

Remote sensor integration

Data feed management

Analytic solutions

Cyber threat & information systems management


Please be patient with us and we build up product collections, curriculum and reference libraries. ARG3X University will allow some courseware set aside for public safety source documents for; active shooter, stop he bleed, run hide fight and other public safety initiatives.